Keeping Life Fresh

Benefits to Stay Balanced

Life should always be fresh. At RT Brokerage Services, fresh means making sure work stays balanced and engaged. Our goal is to always make work filled with stimulation and opportunity and your goal is to take care of yourself mentally and physically. To these ends, we will always do our best to offer benefits that help us meet our goals to you, and for you to meet your goals to the company.

Health Coverage

The company offers full health coverage benefits to full-time employees who work over 32 hours per week. Health coverage includes medical, dental and vision insurance. The company covers 100% of the employee’s premiums and 80% of the employee’s family and domestic partner premiums.

As the company’s revenue grows, additional health benefits will be added and expanded to provide options.


We’ll never shy away from technology. If we don’t know it, we’ll learn it.

Our technology plan will always keep you ahead of your colleagues in the marketplace with the best company-provided computers, mobile devices, and training. Our emphasis on mobile computing will always be on delivering on-demand professional analysis to our clients using our customized tools and services, not writing offers on the fly.


Vacation should always be about recharging. We are deeply committed to this idea. That’s why we offer employees plenty of paid vacation time. After six months of successful employment at the company, employees begin accruing two weeks of vacation in their first year. For every year of employment thereafter, employees can count on one additional week, up to eight weeks a year of paid vacation.