Incentives to Drive Results

time-accountable REAL estate TRANSACTIONS™

Incentives play a big part in our compensation model because productivity is the most important factor in a successful fee-for-service business. The more employees contribute, the bigger their rewards should be.

Base Salary

Employees receive a base salary based on their position, and their step within the position. RT Brokerage Services is committed to creating professional career advancement opportunities.

Base salaries are annually adjusted with cost of living increases, through annual performance reviews, and/or promotions.

Billable Hours

The largest portion of an employee’s overall compensation is tied to his or her billable hours for the quarter. Recording billable hours is intended to motivate employees to produce, and to adequately compensate them for increased productivity on a quarterly basis.

Bonus Incentives

The company’s quarterly bonus program, paid at the closing of the following quarter, serves as both a reward and up-to-date indicator of the company’s overall success and progress in the marketplace. Individual employee bonuses are calculated according to value-based team contributions and team bonuses are measured against key performance indicators of the company’s overall success in their neighborhood/city/region and marketplace.