Rates & Plans

Traditional Real Estate Services

Commission Payable at Close

Our commission model operates exactly like any other traditional full-service brokerage in the US. On the list side, one commission amount is negotiated at the onset of representation between the seller and the listing brokerage. The commission amount is typically based on a fixed percentage of the home's final sale price. Market-rate commissions vary by locations.

On the buy side, the buyer's agent commission is paid from the seller's proceeds, usually one-half of the commission that was negotiated between the seller and the listing agent at the beginning of the listing.

Regardless of what side we are representing, a commission is only payable if a transaction closes, otherwise nothing is owed.

Hourly Real Estate Services

Teams, Hours, Invoices, Payment Plans

Our hourly real estate model operates on fee-for-service basis. Our exclusive time-accountable REAL estate TRANSACTIONS® model based on tiered rates and level of personnel ensures clients only pay for the services they use. Real estate services are provided across a team environment and always lead by a senior or principal real estate agent.

Teams are made up of cross-functional domain experts. Using domain experts in a real estate transaction yields higher task efficiency and lowers the overall transaction costs.

The total number of hours and rates of those hours are always pre-quoted and signed-off by both parties in a client Scope of Work (SOW) prior to the beginning of service. The SOW will vary depending on client need, familiarity with the real estate process and market knowledge. The hourly rates quoted and billed are based on the type of service required, the level of personnel providing the service and the billing plan selected.

RT Brokerage Services currently offers four types of hourly services to consumers. These services cover Administration and Design, Transaction Management, Tours and Inspections, and Real Estate Services. These services are broken down into non-licensed and licensed real estate services since aspects of a transaction do not require a license. Additionally, five varying levels of personnel are equipped to manage services based on experience and knowledge.

Invoices are prepared twice a month. The semi-monthly invoice is part of our process to ensure we manage to every client’s SOW. In cases where we anticipate having to exceed our initial estimate in the SOW, RT Brokerage Services is required to provide justification to the client and gain approval for any additional billable hours that may result. Clients are billed for services on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month. All services are billed in increments of 10 minute intervals, or 1/6th of an hour.

For your convenience, invoices may be paid with a major credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Payment instructions are provided on the semi-monthly invoices.

The NET15 Plan

The NET15 plan is our flagship cost savings hourly rate plan. Payments must be received within fifteen (15) calendar days of the dated invoice. Clients are invoiced for services on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month.

Table 1.1 - NET15 Plan

Trans. Mgmtn/a$95$140$175n/a
Real Estate$95$145$195$235TBD

The detailed services and rates for those services quoted in a client scope of work will prevail over the prices shown in this table. These posted rates are subject to change from time-to-time, and do not constitute a legally binding contract for fee-for-service.