The Full-Service Every Time

We will find your house!

Regardless of whether a client goes traditional or hourly, our buy-side real estate services are broken down into two core areas: pre- and post-offer services. Together we will find your home.

Pre-Offer Services

Our pre-offer services are focused on ensurering any offer our buyer signs is compelling and competitive. This can mean educating the buyer on the real estate process, helping him/her think through detailed listing criteria to narrow their search results, or simply validating a price and writing up the offer.

Unless a client has already found a home to purchase, we usually initiate our services with our signature Benchmark Tour. This helps us quickly estabish a threshold of what the client likes and dislikes. It also helps the client calibrate his or her price point. From there, we almost never have to see more than 10 homes total.

The search may require a few weeks, and a few offers, until you find the perfect home, but eventually we will find the right property. It's why, when a client decides to work with us under our hourly real estate model, they can leverage their commitment to buy into a commission savings.

For those with less experience in the real estate process we provide an 8-person (maximum) seminar courses, reSrch™101 and reSrch™201. reSrch™101 is focused on understanding the terms in an offer and navigating the real estate contingencies and processes. reSrch™201 is focused on using and mastering the seemingly unending number of web based real estate tools and services offered up by the big brokers and the new dot com real estate web aggregators. These courses are designed to equip the consumer with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the sometimes complicated industry of real estate.

Post-Offer Services

Our post-offer services are focused on what happens after an offer is accepted and becomes a valid purchase and sale agreement. We follow the purchase and sale agreement through its various contingencies, assisting the buyer along the way, until closing and possession.

We make sure that any and all contingencies are met and appropriately signed off and received in a timely manner. In the case where a sale becomes difficult, our agents are prepared and ready to intervene to protect the buyer’s interest and/or renegotiate terms based on the new information.

Our Goal

Whichever service you choose, our goal is to get you into your house: signed, recorded and in possession.

Lead Based Paint

EPA Pamphlet

Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before renting, buying, or renovating pre-1978 housing. The EPA offers a simple pamphlet designed to help you protect yourself and/or family in your home. The pamphlet is provided below, as a link to the EPA’s lead homepage.

» Lead Pamphlet

» EPA's Lead Homepage

Mold & Moisture

EPA Pamphlet

The EPA’s guide on Mold and Moisture provides information and guidance for homeowners and renters on how to clean up residential mold problems and how to prevent mold growth. The pamphlet is provided below, as a link to the EPA’s Mold Basics homepage.

» Mold Pamphlet

» EPA's Mold Basics Homepage